Third Playtest of Cold Ice Ressurected Beta 4 Half Life GoldSrc

Third Playtest of Cold Ice Ressurected Beta 4 Half Life GoldSrc

Third playtest and shakedown of the lastest build for the upcoming release of Cold Ice Ressurected Beta 4. We had a few friends join us in the playtest. We will have a one more playtest like this in order to find bugs and issues before release before xmas release. Stay tuned.

The latest is build is running stable under Half Live 25th Anniversary edition.

As always, you can join us on Discord.

Changelist in this build:
1. Don’t show secondary entities in observer
2. Improve HUD color swap during ice model change
3. Fix protip presisting after map change
4. Center mutator icons under radar
5. Remove player slow down in JVS and Chilldemic
6. No nukes in gungame, jvs, and chilldemic. Prevent spawn
7. Make chumtoad nonblocking, improve pickup, remove chumtoad
8. Prevent teammates from ice exploding others on same team
9. Prevent the dead from receiving give mutators
10. Auto toggle flashlight on lightsout mutator (AudioCraZ)
11. Remove weapon_ from readouts in GunGame
12. Support 999 battery power up
13. Remove damage limitation in paintball
14. Do not drop fists in gungame
15. Increase velocity of fall scream trigger
16. No flips under water
17. Cancel vest attack on holster
18. Fix missing w_ model
19. Fix weapon entities in gungame, fix fists once again
20. Add do not shoot icon in center, pin to weapons with primary ammo
21. Reduce chance of incorrect view model
22. Filter out SP mutators in voting, add remaining mutators, improve randomize
23. Reduce that odd chance of still walking around after being fragged
24. Fix chumtoad release problem
25. Fix frezegun not fragging in 999
26. Fix fist/kick death notice when killed by world (midair uppercut)
27. Removed spawnprotection non-solid state
28. Uncache sv_cheats
29. DIsabled quadfrost and defroster from voting and maplist, but will keep it in beta 4 release for those that want to try it
30. Included mp_meleedrop in case kicking weapons out of hands is too annoying
31. Bound “B” for hurricane kick
32. Fix ladder texture in chillworks
33. Added 20 second timer for game to begin
34. Fixed frostfire overlay bmp

Current planned release for Cold Ice Ressurected Beta 4 is Xmas 2023.


Download Cold Ice Ressurected (ModDB)
AudioCraZ on Twitch (Twitch)
Cold Ice Ressurected on Discord (Discord)

Updated: December 12, 2023 — 10:04 pm

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