Nerd Cave Show Episode 3

For those that do not have a Facebook account, we have you covered. We have uploaded the latest episode to YouTube!

In this episode we discuss several latest news topics. NBA and YouTube signing a deal, Seagate announcing their 14 TB beast, the news around Exotic dancers in Vegas accepting bitcoin, and we get a surprise visit from the Beard. We are also joined by our newest member, Amanda. All this and I give a review on the new Zoom Q8 handheld video recorder.


First off, I want to apologize for the horrible audio from last weeks show. I did what I could to salvage the audio after the skit. This weeks episode brought in several changes.

  1. I foundĀ  out that the audio issue was in regards to timing changes I made to try and sync audio better with the video. This has been corrected, but I still want to make adjustments.
  2. We used to use a vocal condenser mic a the end of the table. I have changed this to a shotgun mic that is placed center above the camera (audio sounds so much better)
  3. I spent a fair amount of time adjusting color correction and getting the video quality where it should be. I may tweak with it a bit more, but it is damn near perfect.

Cast & Crew of Nerd Cave Show:
Ray “AudioCraZ” Grens Jr
Gary “Beard & Gary” Mora

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Updated: July 15, 2020 — 1:57 pm

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