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NERD CAVE SHOW 20210727. AudioCraZ and Beard & Gary are in the studio/living room/AudioCraZ’s Questionable Decision Domicile. Valve has clarified its “30 FPS” target for the upcoming Steam Deck. The bulk of tonight is on The Great Blizzard Activision Debacle and the recent lawsuit filed by California Department of Fair Employment and Housing at Activision Blizzard Inc on July 20th for “frat boy” culture.


The Great Blizzard Activision Debacle [S3E20]

Nerd Cave Show
Nerd Cave Show
The Great Blizzard Activision Debacle [S3E20]

As an update to our discussion from last week about the Steam Deck, Pierre-Loup Griffais a Valve Coder posted a tweet explaining their “30 FPS target”.


The Great Blizzard Activision Debacle.

For many people, the news of the abuse and toxic behavior at Blizzard Activision has many of us appalled. I am writing this the  day after recording and I am both upset with what I continually keep reading after the fact, and upset with myself for not conveying everything as clearly as I wish I had in the podcast. It is one thing to be sickened by abuse towards women in the workplace, but to see a company obviously ignore the problems, then try to downplay them in a horrible and appalling manner in order to do nothing more than to save face as a company. Much of the podcast I was holding back many things, thanks in part to healthy mix of alcohol and anger. Even after the podcast, Beard and I read more articles and became more angry. What happened at Blizzard Activision toward talented and creative women is appalling and not acceptable for any human being. I only hope that Blizzard Activision takes the time to step back, re-evaluate themselves as both a company, and a collective of human beings and push forward for a better outcome. What comes about from the lawsuit they deserve for being complacent, but what they do from this point forward us in the community will be watching. Once again, I want to apologize for the unusual angry tone of this weeks podcast, but I hope you understand the reasoning is more than justified.
– AudioCraZ


A Little Positivity

As I mentioned in the podcast, I asked on both Facebook and Twitter if there was any “Female led or owned Game Devs”. I was saddened when I received no response. No matter, I would like to shine a light if there is, and if anyone knows of any Female led, Female owned, or any company that the women employees are proud to be apart of, we would like to know. Equality makes games better.


News Topics:
Steam Deck Designer Clarifies Handheld’s ’30 FPS Target’ (IGN)
Activision Blizzard Sued Over ‘Frat Boy’ Culture, Harassment (Bloomberg)
WoW Players Host Virtual Sit-In to Protest Activision Blizzard (IGN)
Blizzard Employees Tweet Support for Victims and Condemnation of Activision Blizzard’s Handling (WowHead)
Jason Schreier [Reporter for Bloomberg] (Twitter)

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Ray “AudioCraZ” Grens Jr
Gary “Beard & Gary” Mora

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