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Dear ID Software (The Plea)

Dear ID Software (The Plea)

Dear ID Software, Let’s just get it out in the open: I love you guys. I know we are going through a rough patch right now, with the over complicated controls of Doom Eternal. I am still trying to forgive you for the creepy character mouths on Doom 3. But, we are both pseudo adults […]

Hardly Workin’ by ILL CLAN (Quake 2 Movie)

Hardly Workin' - Quake 2

Larry and Lenny the Lumberjack in the highly reviewed Machinima Hardly Workin’ by ILL CLAN. This was originally released in Aug 22, 2000 for Quake 2 as a free download. The ILL CLAN was a team who made Machinima “movies” in Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, and others. As of the writing of this article, […]

Kenn1.DM2 Quake 2 Gameplay Demo

Time to take a bit of a trip on the Retro Gaming Way-back machine with the Kenn1.DM2 Quake II game-play demo. This game play is from a Quake 2 3v3 online death-match. 3DGN had a reader poll on who they should match with and with 961 votes, team FiringSquad won. This is match 1 of […]

AudioCraZ Quake 2 QPong Server

If you are into playing Quake 2 QPong, or want to try out a retro game, head over to our Q2 QPong dedicated server I have been running for quite a while now. It is an older game, that runs real easy on just about any current graphics hardware. Extremly fun as well. If you […]