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WandaVision Half-Baked Theories [S3E5]

Nerd Cave Show

NERD CAVE SHOW 202100216. AudioCraZ, Beard & Gary and Lady Duke are together again in the studio! We have our normal selection of news articles from this week, as well as our half-baked theories and thoughts on WandaVision. Spoiler Warning: This weeks podcast we will be discussing portions from the latest episode of WandaVision. News […]

Wonderful Evening of Random Discussions [S3E4]

Nerd Cave Show

NERD CAVE SHOW 202100209. AudioCraZ and Beard & Gary are alone in the studio with minimal planning and preparation! YAY! We had a plan… well, we were close. Alas, we discussed a few news articles, WandaVision, Green Arrow, SpaceHey, and some stagehand memories. As I mentioned in the show, AudioCraZ did create a SpaceHey profile. […]