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RTX & Apollo – Nerd Cave Show 20190702

NERD CAVE SHOW 201900702. AudioCraZ and Beard & Gary are in the studio! Tonight’s Candy Challenge (submitted by Ellen): HOTLIX┬« CHOCOLATE FLAVORED INSECTS Ant Wafers with Real Black Ants Dessert Scorpion Tonight we discuss: NVidia RTX Super Cards Retore of the Apollo Mission Control Center Playstation Vue Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Cave Gem: Humidifier […]

Nerd Cave Show 20190108

Nerd Cave Show

NERD CAVE SHOW 20190108! AudioCraZ & Beard & Gary are in the studio! On tonights skit, we look back at last years GEHAMS 25TH ANNUAL MODEL TRAIN SHOW Tonight we discuss: Toshiba 16TB Enterprise Drives Harley Davidson LiveWire Hyperkin Hyper Blaster HD NVidia RTX 2060 Cave Gem: Links: Harley Davidson LiveWire NVidia RTX 2060 26th […]

Nerd Cave Show 20180529

Nerd Cave Show

Nerd Cave Show was live!   Technically, tonight marked several milestones for us. We successfully streamed to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch at the same time. No glitches, hangups, worked like a champ! With the added lights, I was finally able to make all of the necessary adjustments to the video, and it has never looked […]

Nerd Cave Show 20180522

Nerd Cave Show

OMG, this was a crazy night. Hands down the funnest show we have done to date. We were just in goof/crazy/fun mode before the show, and it just carried on through the show…. it was Great! With all of our schedules being so hectic the past week, and not being able to get all of […]