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Nerd Cave Show 20190122

Nerd Cave Show

NERD CAVE SHOW 20190122! AudioCraZ is in the studio! On tonight’s skit, AudioCraZ built a new computer, and his daughter was very impressed. Tonight we discuss: LEGO® Chevy Silverado Nuka Dark Rum Ghostbusters 3 Nike Adapt BB   Cave Gem:   Links: LEGO® Silverado Chevrolet.com LEGO® Silverado YouTube Nuka Dark Rum Nick Drinks – Review […]

Nerd Cave Show 20181127

Nerd Cave Show

NERD CAVE SHOW 20181127! AudioCraZ, & Beard & Gary are in the studio! Being as we have been AFK for a few weeks, we are coming back with TWO Skits tonight! First skit is the Beard and his love for Candy Corn. Second video is from the Bakersfield Comic-Con. Tonight we discuss: Lego takes 2 […]

Nerd Cave Show 20180821

Nerd Cave Show

NERD CAVE SHOW is LIVE! AudioCraZ, StephBox, Beard & Gary & Nena are in the studio! In this weeks skit, we take a look at some clips from last months Sunday Funday at Zingo’s Cafe. Tonight we discuss: LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City NVidia GeForce RTX Valve Stream.TV Nintendo Switch VRMode Chrome v69 […]

Opening Toys 2018/5/26

Opening Toys

Opening Toys!!! My daughter and I finally got to sit down and open some new toys. We really are having fun doing this show, but to be honest, my daughter loves it more than me. LOL! This episode we check talked about the upcoming Shopkins Lil’ Secrets, and Lego Unikitty sets. We picked up and […]