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CPU Exploits & DOOMicorn ~ NCS 20200310

CPU Exploits & DOOMicorn ~ Nerd Cave Show 20200310

  NERD CAVE SHOW 20200310. AudioCraZ and Beard & Gary are in the studio! Tonight we discuss: Intel & AMD CPU Exploits Doom Eternal DOOMicorn Borderlands 3 on Steam Tonight’s Happy Juice: The Sexton Whiskey   Cave Gem: Tovolo Zombies Ice Pop Molds Links: Meltdown and Spectre AMD CPUs for the past 9 years are […]

Victor PC Build 2 Part 1

This is part one of the build of my buddies second Liquid Cooled system. His previous system was a similar build with the difference of having dual 1070 graphics cards in SLI. As a few items were missing, this is only a partial build. A part two will happen as soon as the rest of […]

Nerd Cave Show 20180605

Nerd Cave Show

Ooops, I forgot to post this.. LOL! Better late than never! You can go and watch the latest episode of Nerd Cave Show on our YouTube or Twitch channels. We talk about in the news: EVGA Supernova 2000W G+ Power Supply, Guitar Hero Live Goes Offline, Apple MacOS 10.14 Update, Intel i7 8086k CPU, ASUS ROG […]

Intel i7 8086k Limited Edition.. And Nostalgia!

Intel i7-8086k

Oh, Intel, how you have tickled my N-Spot… Nostalgia. For those that have not seen the massive barrage of stories, reports and videos, Intel is launching a i7-8086 Limited Edition processor. This processor marks the 40th anniversary of the Intel 8086 processor and just as important as it is 40 years of the x86 architecture. […]

Nerd Cave Show Episode 5

Amanda joins AudioCraz and Gary for this weeks episode. Steph Box is still MIA! Tonight we are going to discuss some of Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg testimony and details, Intel not patching older CPU’s, Valve commenting on the Steam Machine and Steam OS news last week, iOS 11.3 disabling aftermarket replacement screens, and more. Windows […]