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Chilling Reskins & Chair Racing [S4E03]

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NERD CAVE SHOW 20220906. Crazy summer heat is upon us, and hitting 119 degrees today is less than stellar. AudioCraZ is still solo, but that will not stop the podcast. Indie Spotlight is Chair Racing Simulator by Bucket Full Games, a free to play browser game of office chair racing with multiplayer mode. I also […]

Cold Ice Remastered Beta 2 Launched

Cold Ice Remastered Beta 2

  After months of hard work by Surreal (since beta 1 release), the Half-Life GoldSRC mod Cold Ice Remastered Beta 2 has released. There have been countless bug fixes, additions, and hours of testing to get Beta 2 ready for everyone to enjoy. This mod is a wild take on the classic Half-Life deathmatch scene […]