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Our Dream Boomer Shooter [S4E01]

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NERD CAVE SHOW 20220104. Happy New Year and welcome everyone to Episode 1 of 2022! We hope this year is great for everyone. Our Indie Spotlight is Exo: Into Starlight, currently in Early Access and full release in 2022. AudioCraZ updates on his adventures with his Elegoo Neptune 2S 3D printer, also known as his […]

Unscheduled Toilet Breaks [S3E31]

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NERD CAVE SHOW 20211215. Another night of recording our podcast while live streaming on the Nerd Cave Show Instagram page. Head there to watch us live and chat with us live on stream. Tonight AudioCraZ talks about his recent 3D printer purchase, and what he is looking forward to making. Beard discusses his luffa growing […]

Elegoo Neptune 2s WiFi Install and Setup

Elegoo Neptune 2S WiFi Install

Elegoo Neptune 2S WiFi Install & Setup Setting up the Makerbase MKS Robin WiFi module on your Elegoo Neptune 2s (and other Elegoo models) is relatively simple, but will require disassembly of some of your 3D printer, and a little bit of technical knowledge. You will be getting into the innards of your beloved 3D […]

Duramic 3D Neat 3D Printer Filament

Duramic 3D Neat PLA

Duramic 3D “Neat” PLA 3D Printer Filament   Like most new people to 3D printing, as you go along the huge sea of filaments to choose from, it cam become very overwhelming. Should I buy the “cheap” stuff and will if even work? This other filament is more expensive, does that mean it is better? […]