Sunday’s Live Stream

As some of you have saw, my Daughter and I live streamed on YouTube on Sunday. For what it was worth, it was a fun time opening Lego minifigs. For me, this live stream served a couple of purposes.

  1. I was trying out running multiple cameras that plug into the computer via USB. I have used Webcams before, but this was the first time using the AverMedia Gamer Portable, which my Sony HDR-FX1 plugged into, and also trying to use my Zoom Q8 as the secondary camera. Both cameras that have their own video processing.
  2. I wanted to know how much more processing and memory it took to run multiple cameras, and how much of a load over time it would take with this setup. There is always a cpu utilization increase from when you start, and after your live stream has been running for a 10+ min.
  3. I was also playing with Stingers (OBS transitions) for the first time. I will have to learn to edit my own, as the one I was using was a 150MB MOV file, which was probably way too big of a file size.
  4. This was also my first attempt at doing a live stream that included pre-recorded content. We shot a 3 minute video of us picking out a few of the minifigs. I edited in music, and a few graphics as both visual aids and humor.

The first time we went live, I guess I was a bit overzealous on what could be done, CPU utilization bounced between 85% and 100%. That showed up on YouTube as video stuttering. At first I stopped the local recording, but that didn’t seem to help a whole lot. I watched it for another minute, and realized it wasn’t enough.

So, I shut down the stream, dropped the bitrate from 4000 to 3500, and drop the cpu usage preset from “medium” to “very fast”. After that I relaunched the stream, then watched the starting video on my phone. No stuttering, and no breakups, so we went on.

I do believe with some optimizations, I can get my streams running a bit better, but I will probably need to install more ram in my streaming box in order for it to handle multiple cameras. I also realized after the stream was done, that I had the Rate Control set on VBR instead of CBR. I am curious if that will have a reduction of cpu utilization. I will plan another test in the coming days, maybe even plan another video with my daughter so I can really dial in my setup. I will also play around with different codecs, with pre-recorded content, to see if some eat up less cpu.

Tweak until it breaks, just how things get done!

Updated: June 13, 2018 — 8:22 am

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