On Tuesday April 7th 2020 we will be giving away a community chosen steam game live on YouTube. We currently have the poll listed on our Nerd Cave Show page on Facebook for you to put in your vote for which game you want to see given away, you can even add a game to the poll.

The cut off for voting will be on Monday evening.

Then, during the live stream of Nerd Cave Show on Tuesday night, we will choose someone randomly from chat during the show.


General Rules.

  1. You must be in chat during the live stream in order to enter to win the game.
  2. A person will be chosen at random to win.
  3. You must type in chat “Enter me to win” to be entered during the live stream show.
  4. Voting does not enter you to win, voting just helps decide what game is chosen to give away.
  5. You do not have to be a Subscriber on YouTube or Follower on Social Media to enter to win. (But it is greatly appreciated)
  6. You will need to let us know what your Steam name is in order to accept prize.
  7. These rules may be updated periodically so please check back before the giveaway happens.

How a Winner Will Be Chosen.

  1. We will monitor chat during the live stream and write down peoples YouTube name.
  2. Some time during the show, we will close off entries to draw the winner. This can happen any time during the show.
  3. Each entry will be assigned a sequential number.
  4. We will use Google RNG to randomly pick a number.
  5. We will then announce the winner live on stream, and they will have to acknowledge (be in chat at that moment) they have won with a response, or another winner can be chosen.

Rules to Accept Giveaway.

  1. This game will only be offered on the Steam platform.
  2. You must have a valid and active Steam account.
  3. You will have to add AudioCraZ on Steam to accept prize. (this is not a game code, but a “friend purchase”)
  4. No substitutions for other games.

Web Links:

Nerd Cave Show Facebook Page (Where the current poll is)

AudioCraZ on Steam

Nerd Cave Dellers Facebook Group Page

Nerd Cave Show on YouTube (Where Live Stream Show and Contest Will Happen)

Updated: April 5, 2020 — 2:29 pm

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