Second Playtest of Cold Ice Ressurected Beta 4 Half Life GoldSrc

Second Playtest of Cold Ice Ressurected Beta 4 Half Life GoldSrc

Second playtest and shakedown of the lastest build for the upcoming release of Cold Ice Ressurected Beta 4. This was streamed live on Twitch. We will have a few more playtests like this in order to find bugs and issues before release before xmas. Few more bugs were found, but overall the latest build by Surreal is very stable. Stay tuned for more playtests and updates.

The latest is build is running stable under Half Live 25th Anniversary edition.

As always, you can join us on Discord.

In this build, here is the current changelist:
[x] added hurricane kick (impulse 214 / RELOAD on fists)
[x] added fall scream
[x] added RPG laser toggle on full clip RELOAD
[x] more pro tips
[x] added pumpkin mutator
[x] disable nuke in chilldemic and JVS
[x] increase damage of vest
[x] decrease density of waypoints in training
[x] frags to go in arena, if -1, bar is screwed up
[x] rocket launcher, fixed no damage
[x] Chilldemic – won round #0 of 10! in text
[x] text voting, remove bots in count
[x] autoaim gets stuck
[x] added fists to gungame
[x] fixed kill box in glup? chumtoad invicible?
[x] vote – 15 to 30 seconds, fixes
[x] w_model grenadelauncher w_ is a cannon? fix
[x] chaingun, spin up on secondary
[x] no winners this round! (arena) – check for end of line break.
[x] Chainsaw tip, up walls

Current planned release for Cold Ice Ressurected Beta 4 is Xmas 2023.


Download Cold Ice Ressurected (ModDB)
AudioCraZ on Twitch (Twitch)
Cold Ice Ressurected on Discord (Discord)

Updated: December 12, 2023 — 9:56 pm

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