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Starting this weekend, Nerd Cave Show, thanks to Confused Pigeon Studios, will be giving away Steam Keys leading up to the release of Run Kitty Run on Steam on April 17th.

Run Kitty Run is a chaotic online co-op game that teams up to six players in which you and your fellow kittens must work together to get through maps filled with dangers. Use wisely your set of skills and purchasable items to aid you in this adventure.

We are beginning the giveaway on social media, and then on Tuesday night we will be giving away even more during the live stream of Nerd Cave Show. 7pm PST on Youtube. Links at the bottom.

Confused Pigeon Studios is promoting “Stay at Home”. They are going to donate the 10% of the sales of Run Kitty Run to the World Health Organization. Estimated price of Run Kitty Run will be $14.99 (rumor was there was going to be a promotional $9.99 price at launch)

We here at the Nerd Cave Show say “Stay Home, Stay Safe and Game On!”.

Rules to Accept Giveaway.

  1. This game will only be offered on the Steam platform.
  2. No substitutions for other games.

Web Links:

Run Kitty Run on Steam.

Confused Pigeon Studios. (Check out their other games or become a beta tester)

Nerd Cave Show Facebook Page (Keep up to date on other contests and when we go live)

Nerd Cave Dellers Facebook Group Page (Join the community chat and shenanigans)

Nerd Cave Show on YouTube (Where Live Stream Show happens Tuesday nights at 7pm PST)


You can watch the Nerd Cave Show team playing the Beta game of Run Kitty Run.

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Updated: July 9, 2020 — 4:09 pm

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