Quake & Shambler Sexiness [S3E23] ~ Nerd Cave Show Podcast

Quake & Shambler Sexiness [S3E23] ~ NERD CAVE SHOW 20210824.

AudioCraZ and Beard & Gary are in the studio/living room/AudioCraZ’s Questionable Decision Domicile. For the Indie Game Spotlight we give you My Friend Pedro, which is out on PC, Console and mobile. California DEFH updated their suite against Blizzard Activision to extend to contract and temp workers, as well as ABK shredding documents from HR. Quake Remastered was released at QuakeCon for Quake’s 25 anniversary, a glorious update to Quake in 4k with a new expansion and much more!


Quake & Shambler Sexiness [S3E23]

Nerd Cave Show
Nerd Cave Show
Quake & Shambler Sexiness [S3E23]

Indie Game Spotlight:

My Friend Pedro by DeadToast

My Friend Pedro Website
My Friend Pedro on Steam

My Friend Pedro is a fun side scrolling game that was originally released on PC and console, and recently they released Ripe for Revenge on iOS and Android mobile devices. This is a fun and addictive side scrolling bullet time banana family saving game set to some great music. I have been enjoying it on iOS for a few weeks now.


California DFEH vs Activision Blizzard Update

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing updated their suite against Activision Blizzard to expand from employees to temporary and contract employees. They also state that Activision Blizzard “shredded” HR documents, but no clear indication of when those documents were destroyed.


Quake Remastered – 25 Years of Quake

At QuakeCon 2021, Quake Remastered was released as a update to the original 1996 game. It was given a lot of love and very subtle tweaks to make the game playable in 4k on PC’s as well as making it playable on consoles with crossplay. This game is beautiful, and the tweaks and changes were done to preserve the original game, but allow it to be enjoyed by all. Quake Remasted was a collaborative effort between Bethesda, ID Software, MachineGames and Nightdive Studios. On top of the graphical and console ports, you get both original game expansions (Scourge of Armagon & Dissolution of Eternity) as well as a new expansion Dimension of the Machine, which was created for quakes 25th anniversary.


There were some very minor and subtle changes made to textures, monster models, and player models for the remaster. All of which were very well done. Insert “Muah” here. For all the members involved with this project, we appreciate you.

It was also revealed by John Romero that one of his maps in Quake, E2M6 the Dismal Oubliette was “restored” to its original state. For the 1996 release, a portion of the beginning of the map had to be “trimmed” to reduce the map file size to the limitations they had set at that time.

California expands Activision Blizzard lawsuit to include temporary workers (Engadget)
Quake – Official Trailer (2021) (YouTube)
John Romero E2M6 Comment (Twitter)
Stephen Kick Quake Glow Ups (Twitter)
Shambler Strutting His Stuff (Twitter)


Cast & Crew:
Ray “AudioCraZ” Grens Jr
Gary “Beard & Gary” Mora

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