Project Genesis with Noel DeLisle [S3E26] ~ Nerd Cave Show Podcast

Project Genesis with Noel DeLisle ~ NERD CAVE SHOW 20210914.

AudioCraZ, Beard & Gary and Lady Duke are in the studio/living room/AudioCraZ’s Questionable Decision Domicile. Our special guest is Noel DeLisle of 8 Circuit Studios talking about their in-development upcoming indie game Project Genesis. This was a unique episode as it was our first return of Nerd Cave Show live streaming on Twitch.

Project Genesis is an upcoming FPS and Space Combat game from indie developer 8 Circuit studios that has been in production for about 2 years now. Project Genesis melds the best of FPS, Space Combat and stunning visual design with team based gameplay in various game modes for a truly unique addictive gameplay.  Noel was gracious to join us on the podcast to talk about Project Genesis, and how they are meshing two game genres together into one game. It will come with customizable skins and ships, player stats, multiple player modes, AI based multiplayer, and so much more. Project Genesis is in Early Access currently on Steam, so go and join in on the action!

Special Guest:

Noel DeLisle of Project Genesis

Noel DeLisle of Project Genesis talking Project Genesis

Project Genesis

8 Circuit Studios posts periodic videos on updates to Project Genesis on their YouTube channel. You can watch some of the gameplay and see some of the features in their Hercules 2.0 Hotfix.


Project Genesis (Website)
8 Circuit Studios (Website)
Noel DeLisle (Twitter)
Project Genesis (Steam)

Nerd Cave Show Return to Twitch

To all of the Nerd Cave Show viewers, we want to thank you for showed up on Twitch. This is the first time we live streamed video in over a year, and we was pretty nervous. We had delays going live due to various technical difficulties, glitches, etc. As as much as we tried to plan ahead, we were bombarded by things not working correctly, equipment failures, and constantly realizing things were not plugged in. For the previous recording, all of the equipment had been taken apart for a drive trip 2 hours to the Heros Fest event in Fresno. Needless to say, not everything got plugged back in when it was brought back, one microphone went dead, and lets not get into windows updates kicking off on the discord system right before the show… Even with all of these problems, we had an amazing night with Noel discussing Project Genesis, and the after show we had a blast as we brought back the Candy Challenge in the After Show. We are going to keep the “After Show” as a Twitch only thing for those that come and hang out, and it will be omitted from the audio podcast. If you want to join in, tune in on Twitch.

Thank you everyone for coming out, and we will see you guys next week on Twitch. You can listen to the audio podcast normally  will be uploaded later in the evening or the following day. As always, we love you guys!

Cast & Crew:
Ray “AudioCraZ” Grens Jr
Gary “Beard & Gary” Mora
Amanda “Lady Duke”

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