Unscheduled Toilet Breaks [S3E31]

Nerd Cave Show
Nerd Cave Show
Unscheduled Toilet Breaks [S3E31]

NERD CAVE SHOW 20211215. Another night of recording our podcast while live streaming on the Nerd Cave Show Instagram page. Head there to watch us live and chat with us live on stream. Tonight AudioCraZ talks about his recent 3D printer purchase, and what he is looking forward to making. Beard discusses his luffa growing operation, and how Mother Nature had other plans. We also talk about our Second Blood moon in 7 Days to Die and how great plans were dashed by Zombies and the Great Porcelain gods…

Indie Game Spotlight:
Jupiter Hell

Cast & Crew:
Ray “AudioCraZ” Grens Jr
Gary “Beard & Gary” Mora

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