4090 Meltdown [S4E06]

Nerd Cave Show
Nerd Cave Show
4090 Meltdown [S4E06]

4090 Meltdown [S4E06] ~ Nerd Cave Show Podcast

NERD CAVE SHOW 20221027. Back in the podcast electric chair with as much happenings I can stuff in a single show. Windows 10 and 11 get recieve the 22H2 update. Wow pre-patch hit, and the community is going through a UI addon withdrawl. Leak of a ASRock Z790 Sonic the Hedgehog motherboard. NVidia unreleases the 12GB 2080 gpu. A 4090 GPU is coming with a level and battery indicator… Indie game spotlight is Cultic, an exiting and fun retro style first person shooter by JasozzGames and published by 3D Realms. Multiple 4090 owners are reporting that the 12+4 power connector is melting during use.

Indie Game Spotlight: Cultic


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