20210817 Indie Game Rabbit Hole [S3E22]

Nerd Cave Show
Nerd Cave Show
20210817 Indie Game Rabbit Hole [S3E22]

NERD CAVE SHOW 20210817. AudioCraZ and Beard & Gary are in the studio/living room/AudioCraZ’s Questionable Decision Domicile. Dustin Daves joins us again this evening to discuss Indie Games that have grabbed our attention. So, tonight we will be diving into the rabbit hole with a few indie games that are out or you can put on your steam wish list.

Games we discuss tonight:
Valheim by Iron Gate
Absolutely Barbaric by Bucket-full-games (ZloUmOE)
Venaitura by Ephiam
Unturned by Smartly Dressed Games
Ion Fury by Voidpoint LLC
Cultic by Jasozz Games
Blasphemous by The Game Kitchen
ASKE by Tomás Esconjaureguy
Due Process by Giant Enemy Crab
Obsidian Prince by Unleash the Giraffe
Crab Champions by Noisestorm
Goat of Duty by 34BigThings
Selaco by Altered Orbit Studios
Fashion Police Squad by Mopeful Games
Muck by Dani
Ripout by Pet Project Games

Cast & Crew:
Ray “AudioCraZ” Grens Jr
Gary “Beard & Gary” Mora
Dustin Daves

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