Opening Toys 2018/04/28

My daughter and I finally had some time to sit down and crack open some mystery toys. I really do enjoy doing this with my daughter, and I tried to include my son, but he had his own ideas of what he wanted to do, as you will see in the video.

Lots of personal and work stuffage going on keeping us all pretty busy, so we were not able to get a video done last week, but with a several hour window on Saturday, you bet some toys were opened.

We got to check out Roblox Season 2 Mystery Figures, Surprizamals Series 6 Mystery animals, and checked out the Fizz ‘N’ Surprize Dinosaur.

You can check out the different companies here:

Roblox Series 2:…

Fizz ‘n’ Surprise Dinosaurs:


On a side note, you will see that there was a bit more color on the wall. I am setting up lights for an upcoming show, and I “borrowed” them to see if I liked the look.. oh, yeah. I do. Looking forward to the future where I can afford a few.


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