Logitech G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G203 Unboxing

Can you get a sub $50 gaming mouse, and it be good? Yes, oh, yes you can… with RGB!

First off, let me say this: this is my mouse. After being frustrated with my previous “gaming mouse”, I finally threw up my hands and declared that I was going to shop around and buy a new gaming/work/casual mouse. My last mouse, which shall go nameless for the time being, was one I purchased after reading a lot of reviews. Well, this time around, I ignored all of the reviews and set out on my own. Now, I had been frustrated with my previous mouse for some time, and I was looking for something that was not so much a dedicated gaming mouse, but a good all around mouse. Web browsing, Photoshop, Premier, and, as of course, a good pointing device for my occasional Overwatch, Fortnight, and dare I say it, Brutal Doom quality time. I can say that Logitech G203 Prodigy gaming mouse checked off all of the boxes.

The Logitech G203 Prodigy is a stripped down G Pro mouse. In a sense, you can consider it a “budget G Pro”, and that is a good thing. Much of the bells and whistles are removed, in order to give a more budget friendly mouse, without sacrificing the performance you need. In all, for a $40 gaming mouse, this has become a nice pleasure to work and game with. If you look around, you can find it on sale for around $30, which is what I did. In all honesty, all you are loosing is the braided cable (which is a topic of debate among some in regards to cable drag), and a lack of a rubber coating (I honestly prefer the smooth and textured feel over a rubberized mouse). Also, if black is not your color, the G203 is also offered in white.

This mouse is shaped like the classic designs, which for many is not a negative. This is not  an ambidextrous peripheral, so unfortunately not a Left Handed mouse. The G203 and G Pro are both based off of the G100 body, which makes it comfortable simple shape with a short body. My large gorilla hands grip it well, and the mouse works effortlessly across many surfaces. Not as light weight as some mice, but the 83 grams is not necessarily heavy, so mouse flicks and re-positions feel natural. After a few hours of use, this mouse feels like an old friend, but definitely more detailed in precision.

Logitech G203 Prodigy on Paper

Under the hood of this mouse is a 200-8000 dpi sensor, out of the box it set at a comfortable 1000 dpi. I tested it on several surfaces, even on a white sheet of paper. The paper did feel a bit sluggish (barely noticeable) but it worked well, so definitely a good mouse for a laptop gaming setup. The scroll wheel has a very good tactile feel, and its rubber coating and texture makes it very easy to use. One of the best “budget” mice scroll wheels I have used in a while. All of the buttons have a good press and responsive feel to them, not the greatest sound, but for a low cost mouse, not bad either. The rubber cable is pretty good as well, as mentioned before, many prefer the standard cable to a braided one, as braided cables can have a bit of drag on some surfaces. I can say that this mouse glides smooth. I am pleasantly surprised on the complete lack of jitter, even at the lowest dpi setting.

Logitech Gaming Software

There is no software in the box, so you will need to download from Logitech’s website the “optional” Logitech Gaming Software. With the default setting, without the software installed, the mouse is a usable pointer by itself. I would highly recommend going and downloading it. The software/driver package will allow you to adjust the 4 default DPI settings, the RGB illumination, remap the buttons, and even test your KPM (Key Press per Minute) and Key Duration per Minute, if you really want to hone in your skills. Along with the software you can have customized mouse configuration depending on games, and you can configure the ARX Control to add functionality to your smart device.

One of the things I look for in a mouse is usability with not just gaming, but helping get my work done. Nothing helps getting work done in Photoshop than a good detailed mouse. Cropping, fine eraser movements, or trying to correct some blemishes, all without a stylus, can be challenging with mice. I was pleasantly surprised by this mouse. Not only was I able to make really fine detail work on graphics, but I found good use for dpi changes with this mouse while both using Photoshop and gaming. I have not seen one instance of jitter, just good clean movements, no matter how small.

Over all, this is a great mouse. I feel the trade of cost to features is very well balanced. If you are looking for a good low cost, but great gaming mouse, than I would strongly recommend the G203.



  • OS: Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Resolution: 200 – 8,000 dpi
  • Buttons (Left / Right): 10 million clicks
  • Height: 4.60 in (116.6 mm)
  • Width: 2.45 in (62.15 mm)
  • Depth: 1.50 in (38.2 mm)
  • Weight: 3.00 oz (85 g) mouse only
  • Cable Length: 6.6 ft (2 m)
Updated: July 15, 2020 — 2:39 pm

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