Liquor Server – Part 01 : INTRO

Just a blog style intro of my latest project: the Liquor Server. Yup, that is what I am calling it. A home server I am going to build into the beautiful liquor cabinet with white marble top.

I found this small cabinet at an antique thrift store that a friend and union brother Kevin works at. At first glance I saw this cabinet and the wheels just started to turn. I had to tell myself over and over, “No, I don’t need another project..” and eventually left the store not buying it. Well, no matter what I did, I kept thinking about that cabinet and coming up with ideas to make this project happen. I would then remind myself that I didn’t need another project… rinse repeat. So, a week later, messaged Kevn if they still had it. I text messaged him the description, and after about an hour or two he sent back a picture. Then I made the biggest mistake, I asked him those two dreaded words, “How much..”

About half a day later he shot me a price. He was able to get the price down for me from what they had on the sticker. The next day, I left work a little early and drove down to the antique store and picked it up. No matter how many times I sat and told myself I didn’t need another project, I couldn’t let this one go. I need to make this happen.

So the plan is simple, fit my dual Xeon server board, a power supply, radiator, RGB lighting and up to 10 hard drives into this cabinet…  and maybe more, who knows. I have never done a project like this, so a lot of my initial ideas will be tweaked and changed along the way.

This is going to be a fun build. I am going to do my best not to mutilate my DeepCool Matrexx 55 case, but in the end, sacrifices may be made for the greater good of this project! ;^b…

Current plans include:

Figuring out the way to mount the hard drives. I want to see them “free floating” and I have a few ideas on how to accomplish this. There are a few hard drive cages that can be mounted inside, but that would require painting, and would be noticable no matter what I did. Trying to avoid using cages, but I will leave it as a last resort option. The other trick is to figure out a way of mounting both 2.5 and 3.5 drives in line… this will be a unique challenge.

Water cooling the two cpus. I am currently looking at the EK Water Blocks EK-CPU Lignum – Walnut. I think these will go well, but the cabinet is not walnut, so I am worried that two different wood types would look bad. I have decided on all black fittings and using rigid tubing, so I may go with matte black cpu blocks as well. I have not settled on just making the tubing straight lines, or I have also had the wild idea of figuring out a way to bend the tubing into a shape or word. Just a wild idea at this point.

LED Lighting is going to be blue with effects. Blue is my color, beyond that I have not settled on anything yet. Either I am going to go with addressable LED’s, or just a basic blue fade is still debatable. This is depending on both budget and which OS I wind up using. Primary reason for using Server 2016 is to be able to use software based LED controller software like the Corsair iQue. If I go with FreeNAS, then I will have to use an external controller like a cheap one or do something via Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi is an interesting idea, but it also limits which brand of fans I can use. Fans are going to be address towards the end of the build, so I assume my decision will change wildly as this project moves on.

Power supply is pretty straight forward. I want to make a plate that the power supply will mount to and screw into the outside of the cabinet. I want to make it so the power supply can easily be replaced, and I am going to stick to a standard ATX form factor as it will simplify replacement while also being readily available with large capacity.

Liquor Server Intro 01 Liquor Server Intro 02 Liquor Server Part 1 Image 01
Current parts I have already ordered:

DaierTek Momentary Push Button Switch

USB 3.0 Flush Mount Cable

USB 2.0 USB Flush Mount Cable

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Updated: June 25, 2020 — 1:00 pm

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