Kenn1.DM2 Quake 2 Gameplay Demo

Time to take a bit of a trip on the Retro Gaming Way-back machine with the Kenn1.DM2 Quake II game-play demo.

This game play is from a Quake 2 3v3 online death-match. 3DGN had a reader poll on who they should match with and with 961 votes, team FiringSquad won. This is match 1 of 2. Both matches were played on Q2DM1 on April 1999.

Bask in the glory and lag of dial-up retro gaming goodness. If you would like to play some Quake 2, the AudioCraz Qpong server is still up and running. Hop in and join the fun.

Played on Quake II Q2DM1 “The Edge” multiplayer map.

Team FiringSquad:
Dennis (GX-Homey) – Thresh
Tim (GX-Tim) – FFA Maniac
Kenn (FS-Kenn) – gimp and rocket fodder

Team 3DGN:

If you want to download and run the demo file yourself, you can nab the ZIP file of here. Just download and extract the DM2 file into your “/Quake2/baseq2/demo” folder and launch it by opening the console and putting in the command “demomap kenn1.dm2”. Or, you can create a BAT file and use the command “quake2.exe +demomap kenn1.dm2”.

This is not my gameplay, nor am I claiming it is.

DondeQ2 Archive Info

Game: Quake 2 using YQuake2 7.34
Recorded using OBS at 1920×1080 at 60 fps.

kenn1.dm2 final score

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Updated: July 9, 2020 — 3:50 pm

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