Keaton Batman & Mitchell Reinstated ~ NCS 20200623

NERD CAVE SHOW 20200623. AudioCraZ and Beard & Gary are in the studio! Another week and a whole bunch of news to discuss, as well as drink happy juice and enjoy ourselves.

Tonight we discuss:

FDA Approves First Prescription Video Game EndeavorRx. The FDA has approved it first video game from Akili Interactive. This is an iPad and iPhone  game for kids with ADHD between the ages of eight and twelve years old.

Michael Keaton May Return as Batman with Flash. There are rumors that Michael Keaton may dawn the black cowl again for not just the upcoming Flash movie, but possibly several DC Universe movies. This is exciting as he is one of the favored actors do dawn the Bat Mask, but has not done so since 1989. Exciting times!

Guiness Reinstates Billy Mitchell’s Scores. In a strange twist, Guinness World Records has reversed it decision and reinstated several of Billy Mitchells’ world records. Guinness used Twin Galaxies to adjudicate video game records, and removed Billy Mitchell’s records after Twin Galaxies International expunged Mitchell’s records.

Candy Challenge:
Abba Zabba Sour Taffy

Cave Gem:


UTEBIT C Clamp with 1/4″ Screw Adjustable Camera Mount Clamp (Amazon)

We chose the UTEBIT C Clamp for tonight’s episode due to how useful it has become for vido and audio work.  We have been able to mount a small light, microphone and camera mount to this clamp, and be able to clamp the whole assembly to desks, chairs, microphones stands, etc. It is a pretty useful tool that should be in any videographers bag.


The FDA just approved the first prescription video game — it’s for kids with ADHD (The Verge)
Michael Keaton May Return as Batman in a Flash Movie, Because DC Just Wants to Watch the World Burn (Esquire)
Guinness reinstates Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong, Pac-Man records (Ars Technica)

Cast & Crew of Nerd Cave Show:
Ray “AudioCraZ” Grens Jr
Gary “Beard & Gary” Mora

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