Intel ARC A750 & A770 Released Today (sorta)

Intel ARC A770 and A750 GPU’s Released Today (sorta)

After several delays, reviewers on early cards, and much anticipation, you can finally get your grubby mits on the new budget minded gpus from Intel… if you can find them. Unfortunately the Intel Arc Release day has been hampered by “out of stock” issues across the globe.

Intel ARC A770 Banner

Intel ARC A770 Out of Stock?

Intel posted on Twitter at 7AM PST about “It’s happening”, but at that time the only US location to purchase the new cards was Newegg, and was sold out. As of writing this article (3 hours later) newegg still lists the three cards (A770, A750, and A380) as “sold out” or “backordered”. The only Intel Arc available are the two MSI laptops. If you read the Intel Twitter post, other people are commenting that the GPUs were sold out before the Intel post.

As an update to the above post, there are 5 listings of cards on Newegg, but all show either out of stock or backordered. Replies on Intel’s twitter post that this is an issue in several countries. Ryan Shrout posted on Twitter that there were cards in stock, but shortly after (after seeing the tweet) they were listed as Out of Stock.

Intel ARC Newegg Out of Stock

Intel ARC Newegg Out of Stock

Intel has been struggling to get their new Intel Arc GPU’s to market with production delays. Lets hope the stock issue can be resolved quickly and eager gamers can see what team blue has to offer. It is one thing to have delays in development, but retail supply issues are another. Having a launch day with “sold out” at most retailers (only one retailer in the US) can not be good.


Hopefully Intel can get this latest speed bump under control, as they are climbing a massive hill against the likes of NVidia. NVidia is launching their RTX 4090 today. If the many posts of stock online have shown, there will be plenty of NVidia GPU’s to go around. A release like this can only be frustrating to the Intel team that has worked hard on getting to this point. Here is hoping things go smoother going forward. I know I am looking forward to putting the new GPUs from team blue through its paces.


Updated: October 12, 2022 — 2:51 pm

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