I Bought a FAKE BETA 58A from AliExpress

Recently I was looking on AliExpress for some parts for an upcoming Project. As I was browsing I ran across a “Beta 58A” microphone for $20. I know this was a knock off copy of a Shure Beta 58A, but for $20 I was compelled to buy it. What can I say, it “head shot” my curiosity.

For a while now, I have been looking for a few parts to build a basic “audio editing” system. Balanced stereo in and out, nothing fancy, just a good little rock solid audio editing rig. When you are trying to find components for older Xeons, a common place is AliExpress. This is a website I get into trouble a lot in as my curiosity and interest tend to get the best of both me and my wallet.

One of the funny things that caught my attention, and honestly pushed me to purchase the mic, was that they called the mic a “Karaoke Microphone”. I laughed pretty hard at this.

As for the audio quality of the microphone, it is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. They put some effort into making this fake Beta 58A. If you listen below, you will hear the difference between both the Shure Beta 58A and the Fake 58A. The audio file is a 24bit 48k FLAC file.

The audio recording was done with my Behringer X18, and the audio was recorded “dry” with no processing or EQ. Both microphones were set at +40 on the input gain. After recording, both microphone WAV files were increased +5 db in Adobe Audition to bring the levels up. Due to the limitation of the X18, recording was done at 24bit 48k. Each mic was recorded independently, not from a stereo mix.

I did not have a scale, so I could not compare the weights between the two microphones. When I ordered it, I was expecting a plastic handle, and I was surprised when it was an all metal mic. I assume the weights are pretty close.

Among the sound, there are lots of other little differences between the two microphones I list in the video. Below are some of the images you see to get a better look.

Beta 58A Badge Detail

Beta 58A XLR Detail

Beta 58A Grill Detail

Beta 58A Box Detail

Beta 58A Height Detail

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Ray “AudioCraZ” Grens Jr

Updated: January 3, 2021 — 1:20 pm


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  1. Hi, Thanks for this nice review, I have watched your video on YouTube, it was informative. I would like to get one for my 8 years daughter, she likes to sing. Actually I have MXL condenser but that I use for my home studio and not suitable for my daughter. I just looked for it on Aliexpress and there was several sellers with several qualities. Im not sure which one to get. Could you please send me the link you bought from on Aliexpress.
    Thanks for you.

    1. I went and checked my order history, and when I click on the microphone, I get “Sorry, the page you requested can not be found:(“. My guess is they make a bunch, sell them, then move on. They may be selling more, but created a whole new listing for them.

  2. Does the one you bought have transformer inside.

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