Happy Father’s Day!

From the Nerd Cave Show team, we wish all Father’s out there a wonderful Fathers Day.


I now present to you the best (thus so far) Fathers Day surprise that I have received. After a few days of extreme teasing, with heavy doses of vague hints, I arrived at my kids grandparents house for my gift. My talented and bouncy 10 year old daughter made me a cake. Not just any cake, a Motherboard Cake! I was so overwhelmed and surprised by my daughters gift. I am one very lucky father.


This has to be the most amazing cake, and was a huge surprise. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention how tasty it was. My head was buzzing for hours with the sugar that is swimming in my head.. Yum! I try and keep my sugar intake down to a minimum, but I think I can let that rule slide for one day…. or several days.

Fathers Day Cake 2


Updated: July 15, 2020 — 2:28 pm

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