Game Servers

Current Game Servers hosted by AudioCraZ


Nerd Cave Show’s 7 Days to Die Community Server:
This server is currently set with a password. Password may be given to individuals for access upon request.

Current 7D2D Mods Installed:

Animal Overhauls (Server Side)

Dad Jokes in Mailboxes (Server Side)

AH-64 Apache Helicopter (Client and Server) **Must Install**

Bigger Writable Storage Boxes (Server Side)

More Craftable and Working Lights (Server Side)

Mega Backpack (Server Side)

Craft Schematics (Server Side)

Car and Truck Respawns (Server Side)

Bdubyah’s Vehicles All in One (Client and Server) **Must Install**

AK47 Auto Turret (Server Side)

H7SB Doors (Server Side)

H7SB Carts (Server Side)

H7SB Furnitures (Server Side)

Harvesting Crops Will Always Give a Seed (Server Side)


For mods that are “Server Side Only”, there is no need to download to use to connect to the server. You will however need to download the Client side mods as these are required to be on both the server and client computer in order to connect to the server and play.


AudioCraZ’s Cold-Ice Cali Server:
This is a new server running Half-Life: Cold-Ice Remasterd. An update to the original mod from 1999 that has been updated in 2021 by the original author.  This server does run with Bots.



AudioCraZ’s Quake II QPong Server:
This is running a modified version of [HAGG] QPong server configuration. I changed a few things and updated the server to run Q2Pro.



If you would like to help with costs of hosting these servers, please feel free to make one time donations to my paypal, or consider a subscription to my patreon. Everything helps, and as always, thank you all for playing!