Game Servers

Current Game Servers hosted by AudioCraZ


Nerd Cave Show’s 7 Days to Die Community Server:
Public server for all players with no server password. All mods *currently* are server side only and require no install on player side game clients. Just hop in and play.

As of 6/12/2023, and the release of A21 EXP, the server is running a newly generated 8k map with no client side mods. There are no current plans on adding any mods that are required for client side (player install on their computer).

Current 7D2D Mods Installed:

Bigger Backpack Mod [60 slot] (Server Side)

Sam’s Car and Truck Respawner (Server Side)

Vehicle Be Tough Mod (Server Side)

Sparrow’s Vehicle Storage Mod (Server Side)

A21 Server Side Weapons (Server Side)

Pickup the New Flags and Posters (Server Side)

Reach Slim UI (Server Side)

CSMM Patrons Mod (Server Side)

Ghillie Suit Mods (Server Side)

Lt. Dan’s A21 Doors Revision (Server Side)


For mods that are “Server Side”, there is no need to download to use to connect to the server. We used to have “client side” mods that required each player to download and install on their computer, with A21 we did away with these as it is easier for newer players to join in. We are constatly looking at other server side mods to add to the server, if you have any recommendations, you can always post on the Nerd Cave Dwellars FB group page. or the community Discord server.


AudioCraZ’s Cold-Ice Cali Server:
This is a new server running Half-Life: Cold-Ice Remasterd. An update to the original mod from 1999 that has been updated in 2021 by the original author.  This server does run with Bots.



If you would like to help with costs of hosting these servers, please feel free to make one time donations to my paypal, or consider a subscription to my patreon. Everything helps, and as always, thank you all for playing!



1/2/2024: (7 Days to Die) Added 2 new mods to the server. Ghilli Suit Mod and Lt. Dan’s A21 Doors. We also added the Quest Addemdem to the server, but would cause people to crash out when trying to complete them. Several of them were buggy when in groups. Overall, the added quest were very unplayable.

12/30/2023: (QPong) Had to shut down the Quake 2 QPong server. Looking for a new place and box to host it. Will be down for an unknown amount of time.

11/24/2023 – (7 Days to Die) Removed Chicken Coop mod (a way OP mod that really unbalaced egg gathering in the game). Added Reach Slim UI mod as per suggestion on Discord. Finally added the link to CSMM Patrons Mod but we have been running it for a while now.

9/14/2023 – (7 Days to Die) Due to file corruption, a new world map was generated. We attempted to restore back 2 different backups, and the error persisted. Down side to playing an “Alpha” game. Regardless, a new smaller 8k world was generated and the Zombies Plus mod removed. The Zombies Plus mod is badly unbalanced as they are extreme difficulty and can spawn on you at any time even a few min after you spawn into the game. All other mods still active.

9/13/2023 – (7 Days to Die) Per request of the community, Server Side Zombies PLUS has been added back to the 7 Days to Die server. It will probably be removed temporarily on the next map generation.

8/13/2023 – Removed Server Side Zombies PLUS. After generating a new map, we had the added zombies spawn and be over tanky. Unfortualy these zombies are badly unbalanced for beginning and mid game. Added the Chicken Coop and Server Side Weapons.

8/21/2013 – At the request of several players, the mod was added to pick up flags and banners. CPM was updated to 2.5.

7/15/2023 – Added Server Side Zombies PLUS most just to have zombie bunnies.   … wait, wtf is a “zombie chicken”?  Also, changed the scrappable vehicles to respawn after 7 days (from 14).

7/13/2023 – Changes the Car and Truck respwaner to 14 game days, and the respawner plant increased health to 30,000 to prevent accidental deletion (I did this often).

6/15/2023 – A21 b317 released. Generated a new 8k map, and added “Bigger Backpack Mod”.

6/12/2023 – With release of A21 EXP, the server is running a newly generated 8k map with no current mods. This may change in the near future.

12/5/2022 – Removed 2 mods as it made the game far too unchallenging (craft recipes from items) and carts, as they were a novelty, but not entirely useful.