Flag Wars – Quake 1 Machinima & Clan Promo by Rogier Quaak

Flag Wars is a Quake 1 Machinima movie put together by Rogier Quaak and released on Dec 29, 1998. This video is a bit different from others because it is essentially a two part movie. The first part is a movie set around the ThreeWave CTF multiplayer mod. The second part of the video is a promo for clan UcF (United Clan Force) showcasing several of the clan members who participated in the video.

Unlike a lot of other machinima videos, rather than use voice audio files, they opted for text to tell the story and dialog of the characters. While this isn’t a bat thing per se, it does tend to distract from watching the video by having to read the text. As we all know, Quake text was never the easiest to read.

The Edit for the Upload:

The Flag Wars video had to be uploaded two times. When I uploaded the video to YouTube the first time, there were two songs that prevented it be shown. The songs were flagged as copyright and the holders would not permit using them. In order to uploaded the video, I edited out the two 30 sec music files in the PAK folder. This was done so the background and sound effect noises could still be heard, but the music would not play. This was preferable than having dead silence, and if you didn’t know they were gone, you wouldn’t notice.. (well, until you read this. LOL!)


Cineplex Review:

Flag Wars (10.4M)
Length: 19 minutes
Language: G

Goodies: The camera work was excellent, as well as the music, as it was picked nicely and fit well in the situations used. The intro was pretty cool and original. Kudos to the person who proofread the script since I saw practically no spelling or grammar errors! I thought the dialogue and action was done very well.
Baddies: I’m a bit picky on this one but I thought it would have been much more effective (but prolly would have doubled the download size) if they used full voice. The clan player promos were too long, it got a bit boring after a while.
The Final Stance: While a large download, I would recommend getting this. I really liked the actual movie, but could care less about the clan promo (except THA HYPE’s promo ūüôā

Innovation/Originality: 9.5¬† ¬† ¬†Camera Work: 10¬† ¬† ¬†Mood: 9.5¬† ¬† ¬†Extras: 9¬† ¬† ¬†Critic’s Slant: 9¬† ¬† ¬†Overall: 9.4


Game: Quake (1997) by ID Software
Source Port: QuakeSpasm 0.93.2
Additional: Quake Retexturing/Revitalization Project Map Textures & Rygel’s 2.7 GB Ultra Pack
Recorded using OBS.

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