Duramic 3D Neat 3D Printer Filament

Duramic 3D “Neat” PLA 3D Printer Filament


Like most new people to 3D printing, as you go along the huge sea of filaments to choose from, it cam become very overwhelming. Should I buy the “cheap” stuff and will if even work? This other filament is more expensive, does that mean it is better? These and many other questions are going through your head while you are wide eyed on the colors, choices and brands of filaments.

When I first saw the Duramic 3D, I had already been printing on 2 other brands, and I was a bit skeptical on the low price of the Duramic 3D. What did catch my eye was the “Neat” filaments. It wasn’t easy to tell, but it seemed almost like a “satin” or what could be loosely described as a in-between matte and silk filament. Intrigued by this finish, I decided to pick up a roll of the Neat Black. I figured if it didn’t work, I was only out $20, so no big loss.

Duramic 3D Neat Black
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Neat Black Printing:

Fast forward to a week and the box of Duramic 3D Neat Black arrives! I look in the box and I was pleasantly surprised on the the finish of the filament. It was spun evenly on the spool, all in sealed bag spun onto a cardboard spool. I was very excited to get this home and throw the gauntlet at it. To clarify, by “gauntlet” I mean I would print a bunch of things I found online that made me go “oh!”.

I wound up printing quite a few items on it, but I would have to say where the Duramic 3D Neat filament shines is on large prints with lots of details. Below are some images of prints, you can also see next to other filaments for comparison.

Duramic 3D Dragon Skull 01 Duramic 3D Dragon Skull 02 Duramic 3D Dragon Skull 03

I had already been testing out the Stronghero3D “Epic Rainbow” PLA filament (no longer available), and decided to test out the Neat Black as the color for the horns to the Dragon Skull Dice Tower (link below). I was extremely impressed with how well this filament adhered to the PEI sheet of my printer, but also the final finish. Unlike silk, it gave a more smoother, satin like finish. After the dragon skull, I decided to print my daughter the Decorative Rat (Link Below). Needless to say I was even more impressed.

Duramic3D Neat Black Decorative Rat Duramic3D Neat Black Decorative Rat Detail


Here is a video I posted to my TikTok account of the Duramic3D Neat Black right after printing the Decorative Rat.

@audiocraz Checking out the Neat Black Duramic 3D PLA Filament. I am impressed. #3dprinting #nerdtok #rat ♬ original sound – AudioCraZ

Other Neat Colors:

At the time of writing this article, I have purchased myself 2 spools of Duramic 3D Neat Black, with a 3rd spool currently in shipment. I have also tried the Duramic 3D Neat Blue, and love that color as well. Both colors adhere well to the build plate, and can be quite stuck right after printing if the build plate is still warm. Give a little bit of time for the part to cool, and parts come right off my PEI build plate. I had hoped to have a lot of pictures of the Duramic 3D Neat Blue, but I was also trying out different slicers at the time and was having a lot of failed prints. Below is a picture of the Neat Black and Neat blue next to each other of Terrain Barrels I found on Thingiverse. as well as pics of the Casket Dice Box from Ars Moriendi (links below).

Duramic 3D Terrain Barrels Duramic 3D Neat Blue Casket Dice Box Duramic 3D Neat Blue Casket Dice Box


Many of the failures I had while printing with the Duramic 3D Neat Blue was my own fault. I had a failure of the bowden tube, and during the repair. I was not cautious during the removal of the filament and it unwound it self from the spool. I had set the spool down and didn’t notice how much had come undone. Instead of taking the time to check how the filament unwound from the spool, and verify there were no tangles, I just Leroy Jenkins the spool back on the printer and started printing. It wasn’t until a day into printing a blue Skull Dice Tower that the filament was binding up real bad, and it was after wasting a lot of filament did I notice that not only did the filament get wound under itself once, but twice! I present this video to keep me humble:

@audiocraz Some epic failures today! #3dprinting #neptune2 #3dprintingtiktok #fail ♬ original sound – AudioCraZ

Heat Creep:

From using the Duramic 3D Neat PLA, I have found it is a little more susceptible for heat creep than some other PLA. Not bad, but be aware of your nozzle temp, and as always run a temp tower for your first print. I found that 205 degrees was about the right temp for both the Neat Black and the Neat Blue on both my Neptune 2S printers.

Here were my printer and settings while using the Duramic 3D Neat filament:

  • Elegoo Neptune 2S 3D Printer
  • Nozzle Temp: 205
  • Bed Temp: 60
  • Infill: 20%
  • First layer at 125%
  • All other settings were at default Fine profile settings in Elegoo Cura.


Other items seen above:

Items shown above (Amazon Associates Links):


Items printed from Ars Moriendi 3D:


Links to Amazon are Associate links. If you wish to purchase any of the items listed above, I would greatly appreciate using the links provided above. They help me to provide more content and reviews. As always, happy printing and thank you!

Updated: February 14, 2022 — 5:35 pm

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