Cold Ice Remastered Beta 4 has launched!

Cold Ice Remastered Beta 4 has launched!

Cold Ice Remastered B4

Cold Ice Remastered B4

A year after the relase of Beta 3, the Cold Ice team is happy to announce the lauch of Cold Ice Remastered for Half Life 25th Anniversary Edition. Surreal has been toiling away all year like a happy little elf adding features and gameplay to the mod. After moths of coding, taking in the wildest of ideas and implementing them, Cold Ice Remastered Beta 4 is almost a new mod.

Head over to ModDB to download. We currently have a dedicated server up and running.


The whole story
Library game code (Github)
Project redist and assets (Github)
Join us on Discord!

You can watch the Fourth and final playtest in the video below and see a lot of the additions added to the mod. A big thank you to everyone who helped playtest.


Beta 4 Features:

HL25 patch compatibility
5 New Weapons:
Portal Gun
– Fire Entry Portal / Fire Exit Portal
– Flame Stream / Flame Ball
Dual Flamethrowers
– 2x Flame Stream / 2x Flame Ball
Sawed Off Cannons
– Fire Right / Fire Left / Fire Both
Dual Sawed Off Cannons
– Fire Right / Fire Left / Fire Both

Cold Ice Remastered Hurricane Kick

Third Function Weapon Support: (Via the reload button)
– Added hurricane kick
RPG / Dual RPG
– Added laser toggle on/off
6 New Maps:
quadfrost, a rebuild of doublefrost by Napoleon
defroster, a reskin by AudioCraZ of dm_lister by TheTrashBang
thechill, a reskin by AudioCraZ of thehill by Dario Casali
frostmill, a reskin by AudioCraZ of rustmill by John Guthrie and Dave Riller
glupshitto, a map by pig
cold_base, a reskin by AudioCraZ of DM3: The Abandoned Base by John Romero

Cold Ice Remastered TheChill

Cold Ice Remastered TheChill

Weapon Changes
– Using ironsights greatly improves weapon accuracy
– Chainsaw secondary fire performes a saw ride when pointed at ground, and climb up walls
– Deploy and holster time reduced for faster firing
– Ice skins and explosions changed to real blue HEV version as default
– Decoy bombs deploy as animated assassins
– Tighten flak primary fire
– Improved freezegun performance
– Nuke explodes on command in new static camera mode
– Nuke doesn’t kill player who fired it
– Sniper rifle makes bolt sound when fired
– Combined all world weapon models into one file
– Snowballs and Chumtoads have their own ammo count
– Added HD arcade cabinet
– Added silver, gold, and real skin + blue hev
– M16 now comes with 50 bullets
– Buckshot shells eject at right time
– Toggle laser on RPG and Dual RPG with reload on full clip
– Barrels spawned by gravity gun no longer blow up on walls
Player Combat
– Weapons are knocked out of hands if attacked with kick or punch
– Weapons are enabled weapons while sliding and kicking
– Sliding is more effective at damaging opponets
– Improved kick animation, moved to opposite side of weapon
– Added standing double jumping
– Added front flip by jumping three times
– “impulse 213” supports a kicking front flip
– Added player fall scream from a large height
Player Changes
– Added feign ability using the command “feign”
– Added taunt ability using the command “taunt”
– Added res files for all included maps
– Lighting improvements to drift, frostmill, chillworks, and frozenwarehouse
Game Modes
Changed Iceman to Jesus vs Santa – it is the sole duty of Jesus to dispatch all Santas
Added an objectives summary on the HUD
Added more time before and between round start
3 New Game Modes (mp_gamemode)
– “gungame” – get specific weapons for frags and level up!
– “ctc” – capture the chumtoad, hold on to it to receive points!
– “chilldemic” – survive the virus, don’t let them free your bones.
Some mutators renamed for clarity
16 New Mutators – supports combination and randomly selected (sv_mutators)
– “portal” – spawn with a portal gun
– “jope” – you’ve been joped!
– “inverse” – colors are inverted
– “oldtime” – colors are black and white
– “sildenafil” – all you see is blue
– “longjump” – everyone has a long jump module
– “slowbullets” – all bullets are slowed down
– “explosiveai” – ai blows up if they cannot find their next task
– “itemsexplode” – items and weapons react to explosions
– “notthebees” – hornets spawn from a player or monster who was killed
– “dontshoot” – firing any weapon will explode in the players hands (melee only)
– “999” – start with 999 health and battery
– “berserker” – go crazy with chainsaws and fists
– “autoaim” – weapons have extreme auto aim
– “slowweapons” – weapons fire slowly
– “fastweapons” – weapons fire fast
– “jack” – we don’t make it until you order it
– “piratehat” – argh matey
– “marshmellow” – come back 1999 to you
– “crate” – a tribute to boxwars
– “pumpkin” – on Halloween, he appears
Added remaining mutator icons
Improved “volatile” to blow up single player monsters too
Improved “sanic” by adding death sprites
Improved “lightsout” by adding a better flashlight, bots use flashlight, auto switch on
Removed damage limitation in paintball mutator
Game Mode Changes
– When game mode is changed, the server will restart the map after five seconds
– Arena mode displays opponent name while fighting
– Head shot and first blood awards, rewards player with health and extra frag
Multiplayer Changes
Added end of map GUI voting system
– Vote for gameplay, mutators, and next map
Added support for “vote” command in text message
New Player Models
– Frost – a reskin of Romka’s reskin HEV suit by Napoleon
– Jesus – a model by Marc “Pharaoh” Nuar and Brian “EvilBastard” Collins
– Skeleton – a model by Valve from 1998
– Added animation support for Barney and Scientist
Single Player Gameplay
– Chapter Selection Menu
– Added “Ammo” rune – yellow – continually add ammo
– “Strength” rune changed from yellow to purple
– Runes no longer spawn in single player mode
– Improved spawning of runes
Client Support
– Added drop down protips on weapon and item discovery (cl_showtips 0 to disable)
– Added player radar for discovery of enemies
– Improved “hud_fastswitch” to cycle through weapons in a slot
– Added HEV hands when dead for authentic effect
– “cl_screeneffects [0|1]” – turn on/off screen effects of certain mutators
– “cl_portalmirror [0|1]” – turn on/off experimental mirror for portals
– “cl_customtempents [0|1]” – for increased temporary entities support
– “cl_voiceoverpath [folder]” – select custom folder for weapon voiceovers
– Added the “hev” voiceover sound pack
– cl_antivomit now includes disable of screen shaking
– “cl_objectives [0|1]” – show or hide timer and objectives on the HUD
– mp_infiniteammo and mp_mutators changed to sv_infiniteammo and sv_mutators
– mp_chaostime changed to sv_chaostime
– Changing sv_cheats no longer require a map change
– “sv_slowbullets [0|1]” – all bullets are slowed down
– “sv_breakabletime” – time inwhich breakables respawn
– “sv_defaultbots [0-31]” – amount of bots to add when starting a game
– “mp_voting [0|1]” – enable or disable end of map voting
– “mp_spawnprotectiontime” – amount in seconds of spawn protection
– “sv_chaosfilter” – list of mutators which are ignored in chaos mode
– “mp_meleedrop [0|1]” – allow kick or punch attcks to drop weapons out of hands
– Provide frag point for motar gun kills (Crossfire, Snowcross, etc)
– Provide frag point for airstrike kills (Crossfire, Snowcross, etc)
– Provide frag point for telefrags
– Added new startup music by Napoleon, titled “ETA Never”
– Added Half-Life 25th anniversary video intro startup support
– Re-added Snarks missing from Linux build
– Fixed flak cannon crash on Linux
– Fixed bots moving too fast or slow after map change
– Fixed bots weapon select and firing on spawn
– Reduced server messages to bots where possible
– Fixed throwing knife/crowbar/wrench crash on Linux
– Patch crash on offhanded punch without a weapon
– Fixed bots so that they use snarks when equipped
– Fixed nuke crosshairs in camera mode
– Fixed snowcross rail clipping
– Fixed deathmatch spawn angles for various maps
– Fix textures in doublefrost
– Prevent grappling hook from firing from dead player
– Fixed ejection of the sniper rifle shell
– Suppress wallclimb indicator while on ladders
– Remove crossbolt when touching a player
– Fixed deathmatch spawn point outside map in themill
– Filled remaining holes in training2
– Fixed user configuration of antivomit settings
– Fixed repeating bot names when they reconnect
– Fixed spectator mode while in arena
– Reduced repeating deploy weapon sound effects
– Fixed retract distance of view model so is always appears on screen
– Removed color adjustment on model select screen
– Improved player model photos
– Fixed ability to fire weapon while frozen
– Survive a vest attack when in god mode
– Readded dual rpg to duals only mode
– Fixed dual rocket launch rocket ice skin
– Fixed beahvior of gravity rune in map Rapidcore
– Fixed snowcross airstrike area, improved indoor lighting
– Fixed crash when sanic is enabled and client runs out of temp entities
– Fixed chaos timer after map change
– Fixed blood color in single player
– Fixed cannon hud sprite
– Fixed large player glowshell when invisible
– Fixed cannon flak getting stuck on each another
– Fixed null spawning weapons
– Fixed turret rpg rocket z velocity when engaged with the enemy
– Fixed refresh mutator icons on a level change
– Fixed silencer model on deploy
– Fixed rpg secondary fire clicking sound
– Climbing retry time reduced to half a second
– Fixed scoring in jesus vs santa arena
– Fixed spectator mode jumping into current game play
– Removed items left by player after game round
– Removed wallclimb indicator during spectator
– Fixed mutator index order
– Added text color change with ice model switch
– Constrain shell size to small size
– Fixed delta.lst 62 to 32 engine crash
– Disabled flips under water
– Corrected Frostfire overview bitmap
– Fixed incorrect kick and punch deaths that should have been fall damage
– Fixed blue window texture
– Fixed santa sounds play long after mutator ends
– Fix lifebar health reporting
Known issues
– Defroster and Quadfrost may crash the server


Cold Ice Remastered Beta 4 - Time To Launch!

Cold Ice Remastered Beta 4 – Time To Launch!

Updated: December 22, 2023 — 9:20 am

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