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Cookiecad is a unique brand, as not only are they and their site about their 3D printer filament, but also (as their name implies) cookie cutters. Check out their website on how to design, print, and even purchase cookie cutters. Their filament tends to be on the softer and pastel color side, and in many ways it is a breath of fresh air with all the bold colors available on the market. Cookiecad does offer solid colors, but it was their Blue Ombré that caught me and my daughters eye. The blue shade color transition is not only pleasing to look at on the spool, it also looks beautiful when printing items on your 3D printer.

On the technical side, I didn’t make any changes to my normal printing profile. I use a .12 layer height, and temperatures of 205 Celsius on the nozzle, and 60 degree Celsius on the bed. I did no deviation from my normal bed cleaning, and only had a 115% initial flow (standard for my printing) and I had absolutely no bed adhesion issues. My first print I was a little apprehensive, but I quickly learned that I did not need to be overcautious. “This Stuff Stuck Well!”

Side note: If you see Amazon’s prices get a bit crazy (as they tend to do) you can always buy your filament from the Cookiecad Website. I ordered mine directly from them, and shipping was quick.

Cookiecad Blue Ombre Box 2 Cookiecad Blue Ombre Box 1

I was pleasantly surprised with Cookiecad’s packaging as I have become used to having to do an internet search in order to find anything about a filament manufacture information. The packaging my Blue Ombré filament came in had labeling with a website and offering support! Also, when you visit their website, you can find their social media links as well as how to join their Discord server. I highly recommend hopping on their Discord server.

Robotic Centipede:

My first print I have to admit I was a little scared about printing the Articulated centipede Robot from Thingiverse. My fear was that the small parts would not adhere well to the build plate, so I opted to print with a raft. After several hours of printing, I was presented with a very lovely robotic centipede that would not separate from the raft. After several attempts at separating the centipede from the raft, and only accomplishing breaking little legs, I had to accept that I had wasted quite a bit of the precious Blue Ombré.

Cookiecad Blue Ombré Centipede Robot Cookiecad Blue Ombré Centipede Robot

Lets just print this centipede a second time, and this time lets just do a standard skirt. In hindsight I should of printed with a skirt first, but I will just take this as a learning lesson.

Cookiecad Blue Ombré Centipede Robot Cookiecad Blue Ombré Centipede Robot

 As you can see, I had absolutely no bed adhesion issues. All of the tiny leg parts stuck to the bed through the entire print. The detail was better than I had hoped. Even better I got virtually no stringing during the print. Not too shabby for the second print. On a personal note, these were the only pictures I was able to take before my daughter laid claim to the centipede.

Minimal Surface Fruit Bowl

For my second print, I decided I wanted to try printing the Minimal Surface Fruit Bowl to see how the color shift would look. I had printed this before, but have since upgraded to dual cooling fans, and I was very hopeful of how the blue transitions would look. To say the least I was not disappointed, and the blue transition was subtle and beautiful in print.

Cookiecad Blue Ombre Fruit Bowl Cookiecad Blue Ombre Fruit Bowl

For this print I used a small brim for build plate adhesion. As you can see, the Blue Ombré filament had no problems sticking to the print bed through the entire print.

Purple Worm Dice Tower

When looking for something big to print with the Blue Ombré, there were a lot of options, but the Purple Worm Dice Tower was perfect. It was a large enough print with enough detail to really see how well the filament would work. Due to the size of this print (and how much is printing inside) you can start to see color shifts in the layers. Not bad, but just noticeable.

I would like to say that things went great from this point on, but for those that look closely at the fruit bowel print, you can see some sputtering. This is not the fault of the filament. This was due to some issues I was having with fans failing, as well as heat break and heat skink issues. From start of this dice tower to finish, was several weeks due to down times and parts ordering.

Cookiecad Blue Ombre Purple Worm Dice Tower Cookiecad Blue Ombre Purple Worm Dice Tower

After several weeks of nozzle blocking up, fans not working re-wiring, etc, etc, etc I was finally able to get a complete print of this dice tower. Please understand that the sputtering on this print was not due to the Cookiecad Blue Ombré filament. After several tear downs, rebuilds, and undocumented break downs, this print was still not clean.

After the dice tower I attempted to print some Disney letters for my son. At this point I started getting nozzle clogs after about 10 layers into a print. This is when I discovered that the heat sink was not dissipating heat from the heat break as well as it should, and needed thermal paste…. which meant another tear down. Yay?


I really enjoyed the Cookiecad Blue Ombré filament. It will take minimal adjustments (if any) to your printing profile to get great looking prints. Build plate adhesion is not an issue as long as you follow basic build plate cleaning procedures.

Other than my printer deciding to be very temperamental, I had no problems with the Blue Ombré filament itself. Beautiful color and great prints. Their use of shades of blue transitions really help to make some unique details on prints. Especially in the case of the fruit bowl, the color transition really helped the print.

Currently I am still waiting on the Cookiecad Mermaid filament, but that is still back ordered until next month as of writing this. Which is not too bad as my daughter and I have been eyeing the Purple Ombré….


STL’s of items printed above:

Articulated centipede Robot (Thingiverse)
Minimal Surface Fruit Bowl (Thingiverse)
Purple Worm Dice Tower (Cult3D)


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