Blahbalicious – A Quake movie by Avatar & wendigo

Blahbalicious: A Quake Movie by Avatar & wendigo
December 8th, 1997

A Quake 1 demo movie by Mackey “Avatar” McCandlish and Brian “wendigo” Hess. One of the most awarded Quake 1 movies. Watch, laugh, and enjoy. They originally released this demo movie on December 8th, 1997 (in a rush to beat the release of Quake 2). The concept of this (set up in the first scene) is a series of sketches of “these two fat guys would be watching TV and flipping through channels.” as described by wendigo.

You can download the demo zip file here: blahmov.zipΒ  – Download the “Outtakes” blahouts (not in video)

Reviews Recieved:

β€œThe funniest Quake Movie ever made, IMO. A definate download. If you could only download one Quake Movie, this would be my choice.”
-Stephen Lum (Cinexplex) Overall Score: 9.6

“It’s a series of short sketches that had me cracking up, the funniest Quake movie since Operation Bayshield, call it Kentucky Fried Quake Movie (mature audiences discouraged).”
-Stephen Heaslip (Blue’s News)

“Blabalicious is the most hilarious Quake demo movie done to date! I could barely stop laughing long enough to post this. I’m still amazed that this was done by two people. Avatar and Wendigo deserve a pat on the back for their work.”
-Sean Martin (Redwood’s News)

“I gave this movie a 150 rating. Why? Because it’s so DAMNED GOOD! πŸ™‚ Watch this thing and tell me otherwise. It is more funny, more professional, more fun to watch, and overall MORE COOL than any movie I have ever seen before. (and I’ve seen ’em all) I might go as far to call it genious. I was laughing my ass off at the disco scene! The outtakes was a cool thang to watch, also. If you have the time, you are insane to not download this movie.”
– Roger Matthews (The Quake Movie Library)

From the Readme.txt:

These things always start off as “wouldn’t it be cool…” phrases.

In this case, it happened while we were watching some Quake movies one evening. After watching the Die Fette Faust demo, the Zerstorer preview, and Operation Bayshield, an innocent conversation of “man it would look so much cooler if it was done like this..” ended with a 36 hour weekend marathon post production session as we rushed to beat the release of Quake 2. This project originally started over the summer, filming a few random ideas and trying to stick them together using an old KeyGrip beta (v0.7b). Most of the footage was shot during this session, but wasn’t edited until enough time had elapsed that we totally forgot which clips were which and what was going on. By then, a new version of KeyGrip had come out, and thought it was indeed faster, it seemed to be missing some of the features of the previous version and we really didn’t feel like learning a new program, so the whole movie was edited with KeyGrip 0.7b. A lot of cool ideas for scenes didn’t make it into the movie, but we had enough trouble finishing what we had already done in the time we had without adding more work and the pak file was getting gigantic anyway. A lot of time was spent collecting humorous outtakes, mostly .wav files of us screwing up lines. It didn’t all get included in the credits, (my blah dir is 30megs) but I think we had plenty. A lot of the humor, especially in the credits, was based on other scenes of the movie. You really need to watch it quite a few times to pick up on everything, especially the credit wavs. It’s wierd to watch people see the movie for the first time and laugh at things I’ve seen so many times I can’t even imagine would be considered funny.

Anyway, it was a hell of a lot of fun, but don’t hold your breath for the sequel, I think I’m more than a bit burned out on demo editing. πŸ™‚


Technical Side of Things:

First thing to note, that this demo movie didn’t benefit much from the Hi-Rez texture pack. It looks like the vast majority of the textures they used were custom, and they embedded into their map file. Unfortunately that means you can’t replace or update them… shucks.

Darkplaces: I ran this, and it suffered from several drawbacks. The normal demo sound issue was present with the audio playing later than scripted scenes, or some scenes just playing way too fast for the dialogue. One extremely noticeable area is where the aerobics instructor exploded just after his dialog started, and his dialogue continued a few seconds afterwords he was gone. The other issue is the lighting for this movie was never setup for these kinds of shadows, and several shots, due to where the lighting entities are placed, you can see the “camera operator” model shadow being cast on things. Then there are the “not able to balance between too dark and too bright” in some areas.

Game: Quake 1
Source Port: QuakeSpasm 0.93.2
Additional: Quake Retexturing/Revitalization Project Map Textures & Rygel’s 2.7 GB Ultra Pack (although only onr or two textures)
Recorded using OBS at 1920×1080 at 60 fps.

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