Ray "AudioCraZ" Grens Jr

Father of two amazing kids, Broadcast Technician, Union Stagehand, Board Op, Occasional Gamer, and all around tech nerd. If it has a blinking light, I can break it!

 Welcome to My Website and Nerd Cave Show, both are my repository of pretty much whatever I feel like posting or talking about. This may be audio equipment, computers, or whatever topic I randomly choose while sitting at a cafe staring like a drooling creep at the dessert tray.
I love long walks in hardware stores, where I can frolic and live joyously with my credit card and bad decisions.  You can find me having deep long thoughts on the beach because typically I fell and I am out of cell range. On cold nights I like to fire up the old faithful Slot 1 and warm my home with it.
My nickname "AudioCraZ" was something that I came up with in High School. It has taken several forms over the years. AudioCra-Z, then "AudioCraZe" and due to google not allowing the minus symbol in email addresses, it was changed to "AudioCraZ" around 2003, where it has stuck ever since. The name was due to how much I loved music, but it really took hold when I worked as an audio board op for concerts and shows. Now I work in Radio, so it is still fitting. Isn't history fun?
Thank you all for those that enjoy my shenanigans, be safe and healthy. Above all else, enjoy and never forget to laugh.
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