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If you are into playing Quake 2 QPong, or want to try out a retro game, head over to our Q2 QPong dedicated server I have been running for quite a while now. It is an older game, that runs real easy on just about any current graphics hardware. Extremly fun as well. If you don’t have Quake 2, you can pick it up on Steam, GoG, and even the original CD from Amazon (which I would recommend).

If you already have Quake 2 and the mod QPong installed and setup, you can easily connect to our dedicated server by typing in the console “connect“.

It has been a while since I have gotten a good match going, so feel free to hit me up. Below is a live stream of the last time I was able to get a match going between people, and we had a blast. So much fun in fact that I completely forgot to turn on my microphone! So, hop on the server anytime, or hit me up so we can get something going .

If you don’t have QPong, below is a link to the mod and additional maps. This is a death-match only mod, no single player. This QPong pack is from [HAGG], so there are good amount of additional balls and maps than what the mod originally came with.

Links to Quake 2 Patch Files:

Q2 QPong [HAGG] files (complete QPong with added maps and balls): Q2 QPong [HAGG] Files

QPong Files

Quake II v3.20 – Official Patch (Full Patch w/ CTF 1.5)

Quake II v3.24 – Unofficial Patch (By Knightmare)

Quake II v3.24 – Unofficial Patch (By Knightmare) (Full Patch w/ CTF 1.5)


You can check out the live stream game I played a while back below. So much fun, can’t wait to get another match like this going again.



As always, hit me up if and we can see about getting a QPong match going. The server is running 24/7 and is running the latest Q2Pro server version. –AudioCraZ

Updated: July 15, 2020 — 2:23 pm

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