Apartment Huntin’ by ILL CLAN (Quake Movie)

Larry and Lenny lumberjack search for a new place in The ILL CLAN’s 1998 comedy release, Apartment Huntin’. The 7 min demo was the group’s first major release, and a quickly rose them to the top of the Quake Movie producers in Machinima. Apartment Huntin’ was eventually followed up by Hardly Workin’ released for Quake II in 2000.

You can download the demo zip file here: (4 MB).Apartment Huntin’

This video was originally created to run WinQuake, no  3D acceleration by a dedicated graphics card. I found it only ran correctly in QuakeSpasm. Several of the errors were textures that decided not to show up I ran through several Ports, even Darkplaces, and even though that port looked amazing in most aspects, it washed out the intro, and the first skin for the player models would not render.

A little backstory:

A few months ago, after making some tweaks to my QPong server, I started remembering some of the Machinima movies that I used to play out of Quake and Quake 2. There were several, but the ones that came to mind were the ones that came from the Ill Clan, Apartment Huntin’ (Quake) and Hardly Workin’ (Quake 2). I really wanted to check these out again, and see how they would look on modern source ports, and on modern hardware. There was one catch, I had a failed data drive many, many years ago, and much of those game files had long since disappeared to the ether.

A few days later, while doing some much needed cleaning around my house, I came across an old “Massive Quake 2” disc I created back in 2000 full of Mods, patches, and a zip file containing Hardly Workin’. Well, I had the sequel, what about the original episode of Larry and Lenny?

I started doing searches, and come to find out many of the old repository sits had long since been gone. One in particular was a website on Planet Quake called Cineplex, that was dedicated to hosting demo downloads, and reviews of them. Was a great site, and the only one I knew of that had the demo files of Apartment Huntin’. Unfortunately, Planet Quake, and all sub sites had long since gone, and the Wayback machine only had the archived pages… none of the files. Long story short, I a lot of free time online searching for Apartment Huntin’. I went ahead and uploaded the Hardly Workin’ video to Youtube, as I didn’t know if I was going to be able to find the prequel.


Technical Side of Things.


I really wanted to get Darkplaces to work. For the most part it really looked good, but unfortunately where some areas looked great with shadows and lighting, it also caused the intro graphics to be washed out. I adjusted and adjusted and no way of finding a happy balance between the two. There was also another glaring problem, the first skin for the character model would not render. It looks fine in GLQuake, and pretty much any other port, but Darkplaces just didn’t seem to like it. You can see from the images below:

What is strange about this is all of the characters are from the same “cast.mdl” player model. The skin that doesn’t render is the first “skin0”, but renders fine in all other ports. I was even able to extract the texture file from the MDL file, and nothing seems out of place…. I did a little bit of searching, and trying play with the model file, but eventually gave up to move on to other source ports.



Yeah, I even tried out the original GLQuake and it ran good, but didn’t look as good as I had hoped. I was close to using it, but…. DARK! Yeah, the cursed GLQukake not liking brightness in any way. On the bright side (see the joke here) the the skins worked correctly….



As you can see it was the best option. I did attempt to use FitzQuake, but that had some funky FOV issue, and a few others that caused not only the into logos to be too zoomed in, but it also just didn’t run correctly. This is mostly being as this source port has not been updated in several years. Being as QuakeSpasm is a more modern fork of Fitz, I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. I was even more happy when I was able to use a few of the high resolution texture projects with this, to give this a bit more modern look. Even the FOV could be corrected, and would stay when I relaunched it! Happy, happy times! Not only that, but the brightness was far better. (To be honest, after spending 6 hours going through different source ports, I was was ecstatic I was able to get it to run and look this good)


Game: Quake (1997) by ID Software
Source Port: QuakeSpasm 0.93.2
Additional: Quake Retexturing/Revitalization Project Map Textures & Rygel’s 2.7 GB Ultra Pack
Recorded using OBS.

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