Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow PLA Filament

Amolen Rainbow Silk PLA

First let me start by saying this: This will not be much of a technical look and calibration of the Amolen Rainbow Silk PLA. Why? I was so excited to try out this filament, that I never did any tests. No, let it be known that I literally just shoved this filament into my Neptune 2S and adjusted my nozzle temp to midway between the recommended temp range (215 degrees Celsius), left my bed at 60 degrees and just “let her rip”. The crazy thing is, IT WORKED!

Amolen Multicolor Rainbow Silk PLA

Amolen Multicolor Rainbow Silk PLA

Lets be clear here, with no filament tests, I am extremely happy with the results. Yes, there are a few minor issues here and there, but overall I had no major issues with the Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow PLA (yes, that is a mouthful). With a good bed level, and a clean PEI sheet, I had no issues with adhesion. First layer went down and stuck extremely well on every print. For clarification I do run 125% on my initial layer just to get that little extra material on the first pass.

Printing Settings:

  • Hot End Temp – 215 C
  • Bed Temp – 60 C
  • Initial Layer – 125%
  • Layer Height – .12
  • Infill – 20%

First Print: Gingerbread Dice Tower:

When I saw this filament on Amazon, the first thing that came to mind was the Gingerbread Dice Tower by Ars Moriendi 3D. I had printed a few in the solid colors, but I really wanted a rainbow filament and the rainbow colors that were a bit more pastel just screamed “Gingerbread House”. No stringing or clogging, and the finish is very smooth. I was impressed on how well the details of this print came out.

Gingerbread Dice Tower using Amolen Rainbow PLA

Gingerbread Dice Tower using Amolen Rainbow PLA

After the printing was done, my daughter said that she liked this filament because “It looks like candy”. She normally isn’t into pastel colors, but we all really loved this multicolor dice tower.

Second Print: Casket Dice Box

When I ordered the Amolen Multicolor Rainbow PLA, the Casket Dice Box was the second item I had wanted to print. I wanted to see how well the color transition would work between two prints. With using the same printing settings as the dice tower, I printed the bottom first, then the top in an effort to get the color transition to match up.

Casket Dice Box using Amolen Rainbow PLA Casket Dice Box using Amolen Rainbow PLA

Other than a few minor blobs that are common from excess material in the nozzle, the print was flawless. Stayed nice and flat on the bed, and the finish and details look great. The only issue I had, that was no fault of the filament, was the rough overhang corners on the right hand side. This is due to not having a dual cooling fan (currently in process of upgrading) on the hot end. The color transition went better than expected for being a 2 part print.

Third Print: Tool Tidy

At this point I had printed the two items I had set out to print with Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow filament, and I needed something…. bigger! So, I did wat any other sane person would do, and wander aimlessly on Thingiverse until I found something. What I decided on was this large Tool Tidy that just fit the bed of my Neptune 2S. A great test for how well this filament handles large prints.

Tool Tidy using Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow PLA Tool Tidy using Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow PLA

As you can tell the gradient between colors on large prints is still very smooth. Where more material was being used at the bottom, the colors are thinner, but still a nice smooth gradient between colors. You may notice that there is no completed print photo here. With all the excitement, I forgot to take final photos before my daughter claimed the Tool Tidy. I was able to get a video on TikTok. You will get to hear the lovely sound of great bed adhesion!

@audiocraz Morning update. Organizer is done and my article is up on my website. #3dprintingtiktok #techtok #3dprinting ♬ original sound – AudioCraZ


Fourth Prints: Curled Articulated Shark

At this point, I wasn’t sure how much more I could print with as much of the spool I had gone through. I could tell I was less than a quarter of a spool left, so I decided on something small. After a bit of searching, I found the Curled Articulated Shark on Thingiverse. I first printed one shark at 100% size on a raft, unfortunatly one of the fins broke off. So I wound up printing two more at 150% size with just a skirt.

Curled Articulated Shark using Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow PLA Curled Articulated Shark using Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow PLA

Curled Articulated Shark using Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow PLA Curled Articulated Shark using Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow PLA

These sharks came out great, and look really good with the color gradients. I also increased the wall thickness to 4 to help make the joints in this print solid material to make them a bit stronger and not have a hollow center. The only downside to these prints is that the tail fin likes to fall off. Beyond that, the finish looks amazing and smooth, and my kids love their new 3D printed sharks! Below is I video I posted showing off the 3 sharks.

@audiocraz Nom nom sharks! #3dprintingtiktok #3dprinting #sharks #3dfilament ♬ original sound – AudioCraZ

Final Impression

I am not exaggerating when I say I loved this filament. There are a lot of rainbow colors out there to choose from, but this one with its pastel colors really caught my eye. Maybe it is the light colors that give me Easter vibes, or how smooth the colors are, but from purchase to print I was very happy. I had no major issues with adhesion or clogging, just great smooth prints. From the videos above, you can hear how well my prints stuck to the bed. I am sure with some fine tuning the finish could be even better, but I am ecstatic with the results I got.

If there is one thing I am upset with is the fact that I can not get more. As of writing this article, the Amolen Silk Multicolor Rainbow PLA is not available. Not available on Amolen’s website or on Amazon.  Amolen’s Amazon store lists it, but when you click on the link, it is a different rainbow color. He is being hopeful it will be coming back. There was a comment on one of my videos that “it is in the warehouse” so here is hoping that is sooner than later.

I was able to buy this filament at the $35 US price. That is a bit more expensive than solid colors, but with the results I got, I am not upset with the prices. Where I was a little nervous spending almost double for a roll of filament than I normally pay for, that was all gone after printing. With the results I got, I feel this filament was worth the price, and will  be even better if found on discount. (when it becomes available again).


Models used above for printing:

Gingerbread Dice Tower – Ars Moriendi 3D
Casket Dice Box – Ars Moriendi 3D
Tool Tidy – Thingiverse
Curled Articulated Shark – Thingiverse

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