4090 Meltdown [S4E06] ~ Nerd Cave Show Podcast

4090 Meltdown [S4E06] ~ Nerd Cave Show Podcast

4090 Meltdown [S4E06]

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4090 Meltdown [S4E06]

NERD CAVE SHOW 20221027. Back in the podcast electric chair with as much happenings I can stuff in a single show. Windows 10 and 11 get recieve the 22H2 update. Wow pre-patch hit, and the community is going through a UI addon withdrawal. Leak of a ASRock Z790 Sonic the Hedgehog motherboard. NVidia unreleases the 12GB 4080 gpu. A 4090 GPU is coming with a level and battery indicator… Indie game spotlight is Cultic, an exiting and fun retro style first person shooter by JasozzGames and published by 3D Realms. Multiple 4090 owners are reporting that the 12+4 power connector is melting during use. Things are heating up with the 4090 meltdown.

Indie Game Spotlight: Cultic

Buy Cultic on Steam

Twitter: Jason Smith @JasozzGames

Into retro first person shooters. Perhaps you are a connoisseur of the dark 90’s games? Then you are going to enjoy Cultic from JasozzGames. Fast and fun gameplay with the right mix of 90’s retro feel and gameplay with some modern gameplay tweaks thrown in for good measure. Weapons feel right, and the graphics have the right blend of chunk. Currently you can pick it up on Steam for $10 with an “Overwhelmingly Positive” average review score.

 4090 Meltdown

Here is the video from JayzTwoCents explaining on the cause of the overheat and melting of the NVidia 12+4 gpu power connector. Basically, due to the slight bends that commonly happen in pc cases, the small weak metal breaks and can cause shorts and odd power draws through the cable to the connector. You can watch the video below, or read the explanation on Igor’s Lab.

NVidia has launched their own investigation, with their board partners, into the cause of the power adapter failures. We can assume that the 4090 meltdown will be resolved with a new designed power adapter.


Adapter gate? NVIDIA briefs all board partners this morning and makes damage an absolute boss issue (Igor’s Lab)
ASRock Z790 PG Sonic Edition Leak (AudioCraZ.com)
Intel ARC A750 & A770 Released Today (sorta) (AudioCraZ.com)
NVidia Unlaunching the 12GB 4080 (AudioCraZ.com)
GeForce RTX 4090 Has a Spirit Level to Prevent GPU Sagging (tomshardware)
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