Month: May 2020

Building My Friends NZXT Ryzen PC

Building My Friends NZXT Ryzen PC

Building My Friends NZXT Ryzen PC Some friends of me asked if I could build them a new PC. I specked out the parts, and had them order them. A few of the snags along the way. First snag was that the EVGA Power Supply was out of stock. I had just ordered me a […]

Denuvo Be Gone & Power Supply Woes ~ NCS 20200526

Denuvo Be Gone & Power Supply Woes

Denuvo Be Gone & Power Supply Woes NERD CAVE SHOW 20200526. AudioCraZ and Beard & Gary are in the studio! Tonight we discuss: ID Software removes Denuvo from Doom Eternal in v1.1 PC Power Supply Buying Woes Candy Challenge: Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy – Bacon Flavored (Amazon) Cave Gem: Asicminer 20Pin ATX to 2-Port […]

Apartment Huntin’ by ILL CLAN (Quake Movie)

Apartment Huntin' by Ill Clan

Larry and Lenny lumberjack search for a new place in The ILL CLAN’s 1998 comedy release, Apartment Huntin’. The 7 min demo was the group’s first major release, and a quickly rose them to the top of the Quake Movie producers in Machinima. Apartment Huntin’ was eventually followed up by Hardly Workin’ released for Quake […]

Hardly Workin’ by ILL CLAN (Quake 2 Movie)

Hardly Workin' - Quake 2

Larry and Lenny the Lumberjack in the highly reviewed Machinima Hardly Workin’ by ILL CLAN. This was originally released in Aug 22, 2000 for Quake 2 as a free download. The ILL CLAN was a team who made Machinima “movies” in Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, and others. As of the writing of this article, […]