Month: March 2018

Nerd Cave Show Episode 3

Nerd Cave Show

For those that do not have a Facebook account, we have you covered. We have uploaded the latest episode to YouTube! In this episode we discuss several latest news topics. NBA and YouTube signing a deal, Seagate announcing their 14 TB beast, the news around Exotic dancers in Vegas accepting bitcoin, and we get a […]

First Live test of Nerd Cave

Last night was the first live test of Nerd Cave Show. It quickly turned into a un-intentional pilot episode. What a blast. The original idea was just to test out the new lights, and the mic and camera placement. We had thought we would test for about 15 min… Well, as you can see, we […]

Sunday’s Live Stream

As some of you have saw, my Daughter and I live streamed on YouTube on Sunday. For what it was worth, it was a fun time opening Lego minifigs. For me, this live stream served a couple of purposes. I was trying out running multiple cameras that plug into the computer via USB. I have […]

First Post?

AudioCraZ Watermark 512x512 Transparancy

For the first time in years, I am creating a website…. It has been a while, I guess i need to figure out what is in WordPress these days. Lots of “drag and drop”, which is a bit of a change for me. I used to use NotePad++, and dabbled only a little with WordPress. […]