2 Year Old Fractal Design 120mm Fan

Fractal Design 120mm Fan

Today I got to take a look at a Fractal Design 120mm case fan I installed in 2016. To be honest, it has lived a hard life.

Now, let me explain the life of this fan, it was installed into a computer I built back in 2016 for the purpose of being a office computer in the sales department. They do not mistreat their computers in the physical sense, but overall the computers do not get displayed properly on their desks. Oh, no…. They are placed on the floor under the desks. So, as you can tell, all of the foot traffic on the carpet will cause the computers to suck up all of the dust, dirt and lint and dirt that is kicked up. These poor computers during their

I must say I am impressed with these fans. The amount of crap this poor guy sucked up and was forced to chew through (hair, lint, etc) was impressive. Typically, I would have to replace lesser fans in a year or less. So, I would highly recommend Fractal Design. I have quite a few of these fan in service in systems in offices and personal systems. Two years is a pretty good time for a system fan that has been pulling double duty as a vacuum cleaner.  (Why people don’t display their computers proudly on their desks is beyond me!)


The fan I have in the video is different model than the one I have linked to on Amazon.  I have a few of the R2 and R3 fans in the offices, and they have been functioning well. I couldn’t find the LT, so my assumption is that it is no longer an available model.


Updated: December 4, 2018 — 10:16 am

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